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Conspiracy Liability

I was Charged With Being a Conspirator. What Does That Mean?

Elements of conspiracy are: (1) an agreement, express or implied, between two or more persons; (2) to commit an illegal act; or (3) to commit a legal act unlawfully.

Conspiracy occurs when an agreement to commit an act is made. According to Michigan courts, a conspirator must do more than merely agree. A conspirator must intend to further promote or cooperate in the criminal enterprise.

Michigan is one of the least friendly states when it comes to the issue of conspirator liability. Here is an example:

A was friends with B and C. B and C wanted to kill D. B and C convince A to help them and A looks up D’s address on Google Maps. Looking up the address was all that A did. A feel bad about this, does not participate in the crime and tries to convince B and C to not kill D. B and C kill D without the assistance of A. A can still be charged with first degree murder as he was involved in the planning or preparation of the crime and therefore, he is a co-conspirator. Something as simple of this can lead A to a charge of first-degree murder.

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Words cannot express how much I appreciate all of your help and perseverance in resolving my case. C.R.
Bill Amadeo is the best lawyer that I could have ever hoped for!!! He fought to keep my charges off of my record and his efforts saved my future!!! The best lawyer S.T.
When the police questioned me, I made a full-blown confession thinking that would help me. I was locked up and lost. Bill Amadeo got me a PR Bond, got me HYTA, kept me out of jail. Matt McManus wrote amazing briefs and a sentencing memo that saved my life. I will forever be grateful to Ann Arbor Legal. R.S.
Thank you for all of the assistance in our case, it was an extremely trying time and you were always in our corner. Thank you. S.R.
My husband was facing life in prison. The case tore our family apart. Bill Amadeo did not stop working and made sure that my loved ones stayed home and did not go to prison!!! He didn’t stop. E.T.