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Campus Sexual Assault

What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault is the forcing or coercion of an individual to engage in non-consensual sexual penetration or sexual contact. In Michigan, sexual assault and other crimes related to sexual assault are called crimes of sexual conduct also known as CSC.

CSCs are classified into different degrees based upon the severity of the offenses and the relationship between offender and victim. Those classifications are: CSC 1; CSC 2; CSC 3; and CSC 4.

Sexual assaults can happen anywhere and to anyone. There has been an uprising of sexual assaults on college and university campuses. When a student is being charged with a sexual assault, they may also be facing charges at an academic level from their college or university. For example, a student who is being charged with a CSC 1 for allegedly raping another student while at a party on campus will not only facing the CSC 1 charge but will also be facing academic punishments such as suspension or expulsion.

Do I Have the Right to Counsel for a Campus Investigation Into a Sexual Assault?

Students who are facing academic punishments or are under investigation from their respected college or university have constitutional rights awarded to them, to protect them from unlawful prosecution. One of the student’s rights during a campus investigation is their right to an attorney.

Students who may be facing punishments for violations of campus code of conduct or policies should be made aware and educated themselves about the campus investigation process and consequences that may follow. It is just as important to advise an attorney for a campus investigation as it is to advise an attorney for being charged with a misdemeanor or felony.

Client Reviews
Words cannot express how much I appreciate all of your help and perseverance in resolving my case. C.R.
Bill Amadeo is the best lawyer that I could have ever hoped for!!! He fought to keep my charges off of my record and his efforts saved my future!!! The best lawyer S.T.
When the police questioned me, I made a full-blown confession thinking that would help me. I was locked up and lost. Bill Amadeo got me a PR Bond, got me HYTA, kept me out of jail. Matt McManus wrote amazing briefs and a sentencing memo that saved my life. I will forever be grateful to Ann Arbor Legal. R.S.
Thank you for all of the assistance in our case, it was an extremely trying time and you were always in our corner. Thank you. S.R.
My husband was facing life in prison. The case tore our family apart. Bill Amadeo did not stop working and made sure that my loved ones stayed home and did not go to prison!!! He didn’t stop. E.T.