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About Us

We are a Criminal Defense Team that works around the clock because we believe results count more than money. We have one agenda-to get our clients the best possible results.

Facing a criminal charge can be life-altering. We understand that this dilemma is trying to cope with and that your family must deal with the heartache of potentially losing their loved one to the criminal justice system. Our mission is to make sure that you do not become a part of that system.

At McManus and Amadeo, we have compiled a team of lawyers, investigators, and case managers that will lead you through every step of the legal process. With over 100 years of combined legal experience, the attorneys at McManus and Amadeo work tirelessly to get the results that you and your loved ones deserve.

Matthew McManus is the founder of our firm and has developed a reputation as one of the top research attorneys in the state of Michigan. Matthew has ties to Michigan, New York, and the Federal Court systems. Matthew has written briefs that have provided successful results in many of our Circuit Courts, as well as the Michigan Court of Appeals and numerous Federal Courts.

William Amadeo (Bill) is a partner at Ann Arbor Legal. Bill has a reputation as one of the top criminal litigators in the state of Michigan for his work with Ann Arbor Legal and Grabel & Associates. Currently, Bill is lead counsel on 40 capital cases and has over 100 active criminal files across the state of Michigan. Bill is licensed in Michigan, New Jersey, and the Federal Court System and has successfully defended clients across our state. One key to Bill’s success is that he has practiced in nearly every District and Circuit Court in Michigan and has developed relationships with prosecutors, probation officers, media contacts, and judges throughout Michigan and has gained an understanding of each court’s nuances.

Client Reviews
Words cannot express how much I appreciate all of your help and perseverance in resolving my case. C.R.
Bill Amadeo is the best lawyer that I could have ever hoped for!!! He fought to keep my charges off of my record and his efforts saved my future!!! The best lawyer S.T.
When the police questioned me, I made a full-blown confession thinking that would help me. I was locked up and lost. Bill Amadeo got me a PR Bond, got me HYTA, kept me out of jail. Matt McManus wrote amazing briefs and a sentencing memo that saved my life. I will forever be grateful to Ann Arbor Legal. R.S.
Thank you for all of the assistance in our case, it was an extremely trying time and you were always in our corner. Thank you. S.R.
My husband was facing life in prison. The case tore our family apart. Bill Amadeo did not stop working and made sure that my loved ones stayed home and did not go to prison!!! He didn’t stop. E.T.