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A Michigan Criminal Defense Firm

Ann Arbor Criminal Lawyers Going to War for Their Clients

You and your loved ones deserve a criminal defense firm that believes that your life and freedom are worth fighting for above all else. Here at McManus & Amadeo, we do just that. We fight for our clients. We have a simple agenda: to get our clients the best possible results. Facing a criminal charge can be life-altering. Here at McManus & Amadeo, our criminal lawyers understand that this dilemma is potentially possible for many individuals in Ann Arbor, and we make it our mission to make sure our clients do not become part of the criminal justice system. This is something that we at McManus & Amadeo take seriously and will work around the clock putting our client’s needs at the top of our priorities.

At McManus & Amadeo, we are compiled of a team of attorneys, investigators, and case managers that will lead you through every step of your criminal legal process. We have vast knowledge and legal experience across the State of Michigan that allows us to get the best possible results that our clients and their loved ones deserve.

As lawyers, we pride ourselves in thinking outside of the box when faced with a criminal matter in Ann Arbor. To ensure that our clients have a fighting chance, we come up with strategies that no other attorney in the State of Michigan has ever done before. Our clients deserve a personal approach and strategy when faced with overcoming their criminal matter. Every criminal matter or criminal defense is not the same, and we at McManus & Amadeo are aware that it is our duty to our clients to have the knowledge and a vast understanding of the criminal justice system.

While many people view Michigan as a “uniformity of law” state, the facts are that nothing could be further from the truth. A culture has been created at McManus & Amadeo and our criminal attorneys in Ann Arbor have an understanding of what our clients’ needs may be and structure our client’s criminal defense around their needs to provide them with the best possible defense.

Criminal defense is what we do, and we understand the obstacles that can be faced when your freedom is on the line. That is why there is no reason to take a gamble on your or your loved one’s freedom, contract McManus & Amadeo for your best possible criminal defense.

Sex Crimes

The State of Michigan has been cracking down on crimes of sexual offenses and each county attempts to apply the law extremely differently. Crimes of sexual offenses will be classified into several degrees based upon the severity of the offense and whether or not the offender and victim had a relationship before the crime being committed. It is crucial to have an attorney who has experience across the State of Michigan and has knowledge of how prosecutors and judges will apply the law.

If there is a conviction of a crime of sexual conduct, one of the many potential penalties that may be enforced is having to be registered on the Sex Offender Registry. Depending on the conviction will determine for how long one would have to remain on the Sex Offender Registry. However, through the Romeo & Juliet Exemption, an offender can stay off the Sex Offender Registry with the assists of an attorney who is aware of this exemption and can argue on your behalf to keep you off the registry.

Drug Crimes

Crimes involving drugs are becoming more and more common in Michigan. These crimes involving drugs can be for the possession of drugs, distribution of drugs, or the use of drugs. Michigan follows in the footstep of its older brother, the federal government when classifying a drug, substance, or chemical as a controlled substance. Penalties and punishments for crimes involving drugs will be determined based upon the drug that is involved and how the drug is classified according to the schedules of controlled substances created by the DEA.


Operating under the influence of liquor, is very similar to the charges of driving under the influence, but only focuses on the driver being under the influence of alcohol. Charges of operating under the influence of liquor will be brought if the police believe that alcohol was affecting the driver’s ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. The fact that the driver’s blood alcohol content level is below the legal limit of .08 is irrelevant if the police believe that the driver’s ability to safely operate the motor vehicle was impaired because they were under the influence of alcohol. The driver can be facing severe consequences if they are found to be operating under the influence of liquor regardless of what their blood alcohol content level.

Theft Crimes

Robbing, stealing, and taking what is not yours, would all constitute a theft crime in the State of Michigan. Ann Arbor criminal attorneys are seeing more and more of theft crimes and in particular the theft crime of retail fraud. The penalty and punishment for retail fraud will depend on the value of the stolen property or item that was taken. The higher the value of the stolen property or item the more severe the punishment will be emplaced. You want an attorney who knows the statues frontward and backward and can attack how the statute is applied to their client.


Murder is broadly defined as the killing of another human being. However, under Michigan criminal law, murder is broken down into several categories varying from the worst type of killing in first degree murder to involuntary manslaughter. It is important to have a full understanding that the charge of murder does not just mean the killing of another human being. No matter the type of murder that an individual is being charged with, it will be up to the prosecution to prove all of the required elements are present. You want an attorney who is equipped to destroy the prosecution’s case by attacking the required elements and show they have not been met and therefore, the client cannot be charged with murder, of whatever variety.

Student Crimes

Being charged or being convicted of a crime as a student could have a bigger impact on your high school or college career and future endeavors. Convictions of a crime will haunt a student for the rest of their life. The aftermath of a conviction can have negatively affect the student’s ability to continue their education, obtain financial aid, or secure a high power job. In addition to the criminal penalties imposed under Michigan law, your high school, university, or college may take disciplinary actions against the student. It is important to understand that students have the constitutional right to have an attorney throughout the internal procedures of a high school, university, or college disciplinary action. You are going to want an Ann Arbor criminal lawyer who will protect your rights throughout any potential disciplinary actions taken by your high school, university, or college.

Miscellaneous Criminal Aspects

Before being charged with a crime, many people wonder why should they hire an attorney before being charged and the answer to that question is simple, protection of the client. During the pre-charge phase, a criminal evaluation could potentially lead to a dismissal of a charge, obtaining a favorable bond or throw a major dent into the prosecution’s case. On the flip side of the coin, after a conviction, many people are unaware that they have the opportunity to appeal their conviction. The appellate process gives an individual another chance to fight the charges that have been brought against them.

We’re Ready to Fight!

The lawyers at McManus & Amadeo are ready to go to war for their clients regardless of what type of criminal charges that our clients may be facing. For your best possible chances of retaining your freedom, you want a criminal defense firm that has experience across the State of Michigan and has firsthand knowledge of how specific courts, prosecutors, and judge handle criminal matters. The attention to our clients’ needs, expectations, and desires is what separates our lawyers at McManus & Amadeo from other criminal defense firms in Ann Arbor. Don’t risk your or your loved one’s freedom on anyone besides McManus & Amadeo. We will fight until we can’t fight no longer. Contact McManus & Amadeo today for your best possible criminal defense.

Client Reviews
Words cannot express how much I appreciate all of your help and perseverance in resolving my case. C.R.
Bill Amadeo is the best lawyer that I could have ever hoped for!!! He fought to keep my charges off of my record and his efforts saved my future!!! The best lawyer. S.T.
When the police questioned me, I made a full-blown confession thinking that would help me. I was locked up and lost. Bill Amadeo got me a PR Bond, got me HYTA, kept me out of jail. Matt McManus wrote amazing briefs and a sentencing memo that saved my life. I will forever be grateful to Ann Arbor Legal. R.S.
Thank you for all of the assistance in our case, it was an extremely trying time and you were always in our corner. Thank you. S.R.
My husband was facing life in prison. The case tore our family apart. Bill Amadeo did not stop working and made sure that my loved ones stayed home and did not go to prison!!! He didn’t stop. E.T.
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