Below are recent successful court cases that Ann Arbor Legal worked through with our Clients. While all information is public information, these cases are listed only for informational purposes. The offices of Ann Arbor Legal cannot guarantee similar results on any particular cases; however, we will be dedicated in receiving the best result possible for every client.

Washtenaw Circuit CourtCSC 1Dismissed
Washtenaw Circuit CourtCSC 1Reduced to CSC 3, HYTA, no jail.
Washtenaw Circuit CourtEmbezzlementProbation, no prison or jail.
Washtenaw Circuit CourtAttempted MurderDismissed on Eval.
Ingham County Circuit CourtHome Invasion IDismissed
Ingham County Circuit CourtCSC 1Reduced to aggravated assault, no prison or jail, probation.
Washtenaw Circuit Court2 counts of CSC 2, one count of Distribution of Child Pornography. Three 15-year felonies.1 year county jail.
Lapeer County Circuit CourtCSC 1, CSC 1, CSC 1, CSC 1, CSC 1, Aggravated indecent exposure, Accosting a Child, CSC 2, CSC 3, CSC 3, CSC 35 life offenses, four 15 year felonies, 2 misdemeanors carrying 1 year sentence each
Caro Circuit Court9 counts of CSC 1Mistrial
Caro Circuit CourtDomestic Violence, 4th offense habitual, attempted murder, simultaneous R and O in Lapeer, Simultaneous outstanding warrant on child support in Shiawassee County, 3 total life offenses1 year in jail, probation.
Macomb County Circuit CourtCSC 1, CSC 1, CSC 1, CSC 2, CSC 3, CSC 3, 30 days in jail
Caro Circuit CourtOUIL 3 in 7 yearsProbation
Lenawee County252 Counts of child pornography distribution, each count a 15 year felony, client had 2 prior CSC convictions.4 years in prison.
Oakland County Circuit CourtAssault with intent to commit murderReduced to disturbing the peach, probation, no incarceration.
Frank Murphy Hall of JusticeCSC 1, CSC 1, CSC 1, CSC 2, CSC 2, CSC 3, No jail, probation.
Frank Murphy Hall of JusticePossession with intent to distribute CocaineDismissed
Frank Murphy Hall of JusticePossession with intent to distribute ecstasy.No jail, probation
Lenawee Circuit Court/Washtenaw Circuit CourtPossession of EcstasyReduced to possession of analogs/Reduced to possession of marijuana.
Lenawee Circuit Court/Washtenaw Circuit CourtSimultaneous possession of marijuana with intent to distributeNo jail, probation, 7411 granted.
Jackson Circuit CourtCSC 2, CSC 2Dismissed
Jackson Circuit CourtCSC 1, CSC 1Reduced to one count of CSC 3, HYTA, no jail.
Macomb Circuit CourtCSC 1, CSC 1, CSC 1Reduced to one count of CSC 4. 60 days county jail.
Barry County Circuit CourtFailure to Register on Michigan Sex Offender Registry. (Habitual 4th offense).Reduced to failure to comply, no jail.
48th Circuit Court Allegan.Super drunkReduced to impaired.
Shiawassee County Circuit CourtPossession with intent to distribute cocaine, felony firearm, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.Reduced to possession or marijuana, 30 days in jail 7411 granted.
Shiawassee County Circuit CourtPossession of cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.Case dismissed.
29th Circuit Court, Clinton CountyCSC 1, CSC 1, CSC 1, CSC 3, CSC 3.1 year county jail, dismissed to CSC 4.
Livingston County Circuit CourtAggravated indecent exposureNo jail, probation.
Livingston County Circuit CourtRetail Fraud 3rdDismissed
Hillsdale District CourtDriving while license suspendedDismissed
Kalamazoo District CourtRetail fraud 1st degreeDismissed
Macomb 41B District CourtSuper drunkReduced to OUIL I
Macomb 41B District CourtPossession of felony firearm, assault with intent to do great bodily harm.Dismissed.