Chapter I: We are not Shermanites

 When we look at the “Church at Carson City”, what we find is an organization that is in the midst of controversy. One of the main reasons for this is that many “claim” that Lee Sherman started the church and hence the nickname “Shermanites” was bestowed upon them. Today is the first in a series of blogs that will provide details into the church and discuss all issues that have been at the forefront of the media. Let’s begin by discussing the man who was supposedly the leader of the church.

                                                              “Lee Sherman”

In the early ’70s, there was a man named Lee Sherman that was a bible teacher and people from all over would come to listen to him speak. One of the men that listened to Sherman preach was Bill Hubler. Hubler was a young car salesman that was invited to a bible study where several people including Lee Sherman were present. Hubler, like many others, were intrigued by Sherman’s knowledge of the bible. While that fact is not in dispute, what many people do not realize is that when Sherman was speaking, the church was not formed yet and when the church was formed in 1977, Lee Sherman was not listed as one of the founders and the reason why he was not was because of what happened with Brenda Azzam.

                                               “The Brenda Azzam Incident”

In 1974, Bill Hubler came home after a dinner with Brenda’s family and found Lee Sherman leaving the 12-year-old Brenda’s room. Bill immediately went on the attack of Sherman and demanded to know what Sherman was doing. Brenda’s family was present and a physical confrontation almost ensured as Hubler nearly attacked Sherman. The family talked about what to do and the decision to be made is that Sherman could never be near children again. While many states that Hubler should’ve reported this incident, it happened 3 years before the formation of the church and it was Brenda’s family that choose not to press charges. The feeling was that while Lee Sherman should’ve been prosecuted for his actions, the family did not want their child to have to go through the rigors of a trial and instead tried to get help for both Sherman and Brenda.


The “Church at Carson City” was formed in 1977. The founders of the church were:

Bill Hubler

Dan Hubler

Dale Harris

Bill Howe

These 4 men studied with Lee Sherman but it was decided that while they had learned much of the Bible from him, they had lost respect for him and would not allow him to be a leader in their church. Instead, Lee was cast out and never played a role in the leadership of the organization.

                                                                “The History”

While the Brenda Azzam incident is certainly a tragic situation, to portray Bill Hubler as one who condones child molestation is simply not true. Bill Hubler went to protect 12-year-old Brenda and it was not Bill Hubler that decided to not press charges, instead, it was a family that did not want to put their child through a trial. The “Church at Carson City” does not and has never condoned child molestation and the founders did not include Lee Sherman. Documentation of the foundation of the church has been provided to the media and can be found in public records and is available for all to see.

William Amadeo, Esq.